Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Grandma Lana and Grandpa Gary's House is So Fun

The kids always love going to Grandma Lana & Grandpa Gary's house..."Can we ride golf carts at Grandma's house?" is a frequent request. Tucked away in a retirement community, their house is fully equipped with everything needed for fun-filled visits: a rec center with 2 swimming pools and a spa, an 18-hole golf course loaded with rabbits to spot while golf cart blazing, a pond to fish perch and the occasional bass (as well as tadpoles, crawdads and toads), and the grandparent's 1/4 acre yard upon which lizard catching, digging in the dirt, and exploring is always welcome.

Gary and Lana's fountain and lazy hammock...

Lana's beautiful roses (among other flowers) can be found all over their property

Lots of comfortable areas to lounge and dine (and enjoy Lana's cooking!)

The drive to and from their home is just as enjoyable, with horse stables and a pumpkin patch less than 2 miles away.

Going for an after dinner swim ('s after hours at the rec center, so don't tell the neighbors!)

Citrus fruit, stone fruit, and apples grow in Gary and Lana's orchard behind their house...we love Lana's homemade apple pie.

Here's Tiko and Tootie, who grace our arrivals with extensive toe lickings... Tootie keeps Izzy entertained with her bouncy playfulness.

Lana is a fabulous cook, and always has an elaborate meal prepared for us before we arrive, usually complete with a dessert. She's a big fan of southern chef Paula Deen (among others), and you can click here to view some of the magazines you'll find scattered around her house.

Gary loves wood working, and has turned his garage into a work shop for his many projects. He would love to one day have a sizable enough supply of aspen wood to create a lamp shade comparable to those of Peter Bloch. He is a big fan of art, particularly Tomasz Rut.

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