Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chief Dan

Dan (my husband) loves this YouTube video (see below). He laughs like he is seeing it for the first time every time he watches it, then he clicks replay. Then, he quotes the narrator, complete with sound effects and more chuckles...and clicks replay again. And again. His "training missions for real world operations" were pretty intense, like the video footage, and I think he may miss that 'hard-core-high-testosterone" stuff just a tiny bit.

He is a retired Navy Special Forces chief, and SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant Crewman) was his arena. Once he retired from a lifelong career in the Navy, he cut off all ties from his military comrades (the "all or nothing" guy that he is), and I met him about a year later. Silly as it is, this video is one of the few bridges to his past world that the kids and I have got.

Proud first-time Daddy (note the receiving blanket do-rag).
Best buds from the beginning.
Obviously, Dan has transitioned into career #2 (being a Dad and husband) like a pro.