Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Almost time to start the hunt for costumes again...

We are thinking of hosting an October Party for the little ones this year, since both Rigel and Izzy are really excited about the whole idea of Halloween. They both "get" that Halloween means costumes, Jack-o-Lanterns, trick-or-treating and the likes (...it's no longer about Mommy trying to get their costumes just right for that perfect picture before they start to fuss and squirm).

Bobbing for apples, eating donuts dangling from a string...can you imagine getting 2 and 3 year-olds to eat a donut without using their fingers? The challenge may be worth the comic relief involved in accomplishing these feats.
Spooky-fun snacks, and maybe even pumpkin pizza decorating... Now the decision of hosting at home or elsewhere. More ideas posted later...any comments / ideas out there?


Mel said...

Love IT! you have to do this, especially the doughnut thing. Never heard of that one before, HILARIOUS!

Mom (a.k.a. Jen) said...

Glad you like the idea. Also thrilled to see a comment (I'm such a blogger wannabe). Don't know how the apple bobbing will go (with the face-in-the-water-thing and the germ factor), but can you imagine the kids turning down donuts?