Friday, September 12, 2008

1st Family Day at Poway Train Park

Walking around the fountain with Daddy

Photo op in front of condemned old freight car

Rigel riding our picnic blanket

Rigel the Stunt Man

Rigel the Train Man

Catching his conductor's hat in the fountain

Daddy caught a crawdad!

Meet the conductor

Izzy rolling down the grassy slope

Rigel chasing the train around the picnic area

Daddy the Jungle Gym

We went to the Poway Train Park the first time as a family last weekend. What a blast! Authentic restored steam engine rides around the picnic area, a creek with crawdads and guppies, a gift shop with Thomas the Tank Engine toys, a fountain, a coi pond, old historic buildings, gazebos and an amphitheatre, an engine shed to house the 4+ trains (passenger, trolley, speeder, etc.), and a hamburger restaurant--one of our favorite family locations by far!

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