Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homemade Ice Cream

This coconut avocado ice cream looked so yummy, I went out and bought a cheap ice cream maker after reading the "Avocados with Attitude" piece in this month's Sunset magazine (check out the avo fries). Tonight was our first impromptu ice cream making night, and wouldn't you know it? ...We forgot to stock up on avos. Oh well, the ice cream turned out great, anyway:

Since our family consumes about 2 gallons of fresh-squeezed OJ a week, we had enough in the 'fridge to accommodate this Orange Ice Cream recipe from Gourmet magazine... Except, we tweaked it just a bit by adding fresh chopped peaches and strawberries, vanilla extract, honey, double the OJ, half the sugar and substituted the milk for heavy whipping cream. Oh, and we didn't do all the extra-fancy "pour through fine mesh sieve... 175 degrees-and-don't-let-boil" stuff. When you've got two little ones for helpers, simple is delicious.
Addendum: Since originally writing this post, we've tried the coconut avo ice cream. Ummm, I feel compelled to ask anyone else who has attempted this recipe: Yum or Yuck?

Photo credits: Sreelus Tasty Travels & Sunset

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Little Town Tea said...

Yum! Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.