Thursday, April 23, 2009

Love these toys...

The best toys are the ones that are in someone else's hands, room, toybox, etc., or those that have been stored away long enough to have been forgotten. At least, that seems to be the case with my kids, who had a blast today at Maz and Ava's house. Playdates at another family's house means Mom gets to test new toys out for upcoming birthdays and holidays. Here's some of the toys we love at Maz and Ava's house:

This portable fort (called a fortamajig) is the equivalent to a set of huge fabric blocks: you can build and rebuild forts of all shapes and sizes in just about any space

These magnetic shapes are great for all aspiring engineers and architects--check out Maziar's impressive design!

TAG is a great toy company, with lots of hands-on educational wood toys. Pull the lever on the number toy below, and the pegs roll out the bottom (like a register, almost). The rainbow gear puzzle is re-arrangeable and stack-able, with a removable lever that turns all the gears on the puzzle.

We didn't get to test this one out at Maz and Ava's house, but it looks fun: kids can trace each letter with its attached moving knob thing-y.

photo credits: TAG, Magna-Tiles, & The Happy Kid Company

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