Sunday, September 21, 2008

Will our family ever vacation here?

Despite the mosquitos, alligators and humidity, I can't wait to get back to Florida--my last visit being the summer before my 5th grade in elementry school. My mom and step-dad hauled our family (plus our Japanese exchange student) around the country in a Winnebago (a "mini-winnie," to be precise). We spent 49 days traveling from K.O.A. to K.O.A to visit all major tourist attractions and points of interst along the outer regions of the U.S. All I really remember about Florida was how I got a really bad case of pink eye on this leg of the trip, and also sampled barbequed alligator meat for the first time (clarification: it did not taste like chicken, but of barbequed pork chops--dry and somewhat chewy). An article in one of my Grandma's magazines peaked my interest in the Sunshine State again, and I can't wait to take a vacation with Dan and the kids to some of its 700 springs... another year of swim class, and I think we'll be good to go!


Mel said...

I have had a bite o' gator too. Kinda like conch. Not very good in my opinion.

Jen said...

...never tried conch before. That's the kind of thing that only a "local" islander could fix right, and I don't know what the chances are of my getting a sample.