Friday, September 12, 2008

Swim School

Rigel with his instructor, Rocky... Says Rigel while pointing to the daily class schedule: "That says 'Rigel' right there," and Rocky reassures that yes, Rigel's at the top of his list.

Izzy and Rigel with their instructors, Zach and Rocky.

Izzy and Zach... Frequently asked by Izzy: "Izzy go shwim skoo wif Gack, Mamma?"

Rigel loves this part--jumping in and racing to the other side (with help from their instructors).

Rigel jumps in (spotted by Rocky)

This is Zach, Izzy's instructor... with Rigel

It took a while for Rigel to be comfortable underwater, yet now it is no problem... No more getting out of the pool in a huff ("I'm frustrated right now!") and sitting on the bench after Rocky would gently dunk him underwater.

Rigel and Izzy go to swim school 3 days a week for a half hour.

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