Thursday, November 20, 2008

...What would I do without these guys?

ATTENTION: Major "ick-factor" applies to the following post; proceed with caution!

Little did I know the first time I tried this product, it was to permanently partner up with me in one of the nitty gritty details of motherhood: Diaper changing. (There's not a whole lot to explain about this subject which isn't already obvious, except to all non-parents--F.Y.I., dirty diapers often catch parents off guard--especially as you are walking out the door or right after bath time). This spray-on diaper area "wash" is excellent, especially for girls with all their folds and creases (though I would have loved to have used it with Rigel had I known it existed). Its gentle herbal concoction sooths skin easily irritated by dirty diapers, and also sooths nerves with the knowledge that my child has gotten a thorough cleaning that wouldn't have been possible merely using wipees. Now, I realize this is a yucky topic, but I have used this product nearly 3 times a day or more since Izzy was a newborn, and I don't know what I would have done without it. When I am feeling particularly cheap, rather than replace an empty bottle with a new one, I simply mix water and a few drops of calendula oil into an empty spray bottle. It's not quite the same, but it gets the job done.

Which brings me to my next favorite product:

Organic EO Hand Sanitizer (Lavender Scented)... It comes in a pump and in a travel-sized spray bottle... perfect for your hands after those on-the-go diaper changes when no sink is available, as well as in moderation for little dirty germ-y fingers (coming home from the park, etc.).

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