Friday, November 7, 2008

Museum Fun

Today we visited the New Children's Museum, and due to multiple factors (such as my camera battery died early on, and my kids move too fast for the camera's auto focus), I didn't get a huge variety of photos. We hit our favorite gallery first: the pillow fight room (a.k.a The Greenhall Family Gallery). Rigel and Izzy could spend the whole day there, pass out and nap there, then wake up and start all over again. It's great for a rainy day when you've got kids bouncing off the walls... this is literally a mattress-padded room filled with tire-shaped pillows (you can stack 'em, crawl under 'em, through 'em, or over 'em). This room is the one place where rough housing is a bonus, as it provides two huge punching bags which are suspended from the ceiling. The mattress "slide" is of course a big hit...backwards, forwards, head-first--there's no rules on this slide.

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