Friday, November 14, 2008

Fire in Montecito

Sadly, a fire has damaged about 4 square miles (so far) of Santa Barbara's beautiful Montecito, the community where Westmont College is located. According to the news reports, over a 100 homes have been destroyed, and as of this morning there were no reports of containment.

As far as Westmont is concerned, buildings withing the Clark Hall dormitory were destroyed, as well as the Physics Building, the "old Math" building, Bauder Hall and the Quonset Huts. I've also heard that the nearby monastary was destroyed (unrelated to Westmont College). Updated reports can be found on the Westmont College website (click here). For a list of known Westmont-related residences damaged, click here (several professors lost their homes). Also, click here, and here and here for more information.

Even though Westmont is only a piece of my past, it's a nostalgic memory that is held close to my heart. Its campus and surrounding community are treasures to many people. Lets hope the worst has already passed.

A portion of Clark Hall after fire...buildings F, G, M & S were destroyed, as well as Mark the R.D.'s home.
Chapel after

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