Monday, November 17, 2008

Kid Quotes #5

I have been keeping a journal of our kids' amusing quotes. Though I wish that I am able to record more of the cute things they say throughout the day, here are a few from this last week.

"Spank that fly, Mamma. Whap him on his itty bitty little bottom!" Rigel's response to my pulling out the fly swatter a couple mornings ago.

"Daddy, you got to make a decision. Either you stay home, or you go on a walk with us. You decide...It's up to you, Daddy." Rigel addressing Daddy regarding...well, staying or going.

"Oh, my goodness! Daddy--cookies! Right there, Daddy. That's right. Good job." Izzy alerting Daddy to the cookies in the grocery store, then commending him on placing them in the cart.

"Izzy, you're a sandwich master!" Rigel commending Izzy on her sandwich making abilities while the two of them helped me make lunch.

"No get me all wet. Understand?" Izzy telling me not to turn the garden hose on her--except the last part sounded more like "uhn-ah-stah?"

"I have a idea! I'll go get a wipee. It'll be half the speed! (Rigel disappears into the bathroom to retrieve wipee, then returns) Here I am with a wipee!" Rigel assisting me on clean up patrol.

"I gotta tell Izzy ! I'm gonna go wake her up." Rigel running to share a moment with Izzy.

"Let's go get it to Washdown!" Rigel takes charge of a messy situation--influenced by Thomas the Train vocabulary.

"I okay!!! Mama, Izzy okay!!! Izzy proudly celebrates the moment with smiles after an intense crying session.

"I love my dump truck. He loves being inside." Rigel's declaration of love for a newly discovered toy that had been forgotten about in the yard.

"Shoe chocolates! Mama, look--shoe chocolates!" Izzy's description of her brown colored ballet-flat shoes. They must have struck her fancy for her to compare them to her favorite food.

"If you say two pleases, then my underwear will go on." Rigel explaining how it's all going to go down as I plead with him to get his clothes on in the morning. And, no, I don't comply.

"No kiss my eyeball. Okay, Mama?" Izzy's solemn request of her overly-affectionate mother... I can't help the endless kisses, she's so adorable!

"Because my brain was thinking about it. Because my brain was telling me to do it when I was thinking about it." Rigel's response to my inquiry as to why he walked around the house dragging a crayon across the walls.

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