Friday, November 14, 2008

Thirsty Moms On the Go

Between the weekly dance, swim and karate classes (not to mention playgroup and t-ball), my kids keep me on-the-go quite often. Okay, perhaps I'm the one keeping them busy, right? I am pretty picky about what I feed my kids, and thus tend to pack them the necessary on-the-go snacks and drinks. Nevertheless, it is often tempting to utilize the strategically located Starbucks drive-thrus for myself ("ahem: one Starbuck's sweetened venti Passion Iced Tea, please..."), since my motherly instincts seem not to include the ability to nurture myself. I am trying to leave the house each morning well-prepared and therefore less likely to detour into these convenient drive-thru pit stops that pop up into my periphery during my weak moments of the day ("...and a Turkey Pesto sandwich, please... thank you!"). Here's one of my remedies for thirsty Moms on the go:
Check out these ice cube trays from Ikea--

These floppy rubber molds come in several different shapes, but I like these 6" long "sticks" best...

Imagine freezing some fresh-squeezed juice from some of these:

...with a single julienned piece of this:

...and perhaps a crushed sprig of this:

...Add one of those ice "sticks" to water inside this on your way out the door:

...and viola! You've got water on-the-go (green*ly contained), worthy of serving at a day spa.
(And, more health-conscious than your average bottle of water. Click here for more info).

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