Friday, November 14, 2008

Excellent Novel

Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan, is an excellent historical novel. Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiasts will love the architectural details, as well as the provided insight into the historical figure's personal life. The story is told from the fictional perspective of his true-to-life mistress, and though this story is filled with period detail and a behind-the-scenes view of F.L. Wright's creative process, it also reveals a small glimpse of what life may be like living with someone who experiences bouts of hypomania (and/or bipolar disorder). Developed from more than 7 years of research and creative insight, this novel left me feeling curiously intrigued about Wright's architectural career.
Excerpted from the book: "You can't have a conversation with Frank about architecture without it turning toward nature. He says nature is the body of God, and it's the closest we're going to get to the Creator in this life...Some of his houses look more like trees than boxes. He cantilevers the roof so it spreads its eaves wide like sheltering branches. He even cantilevers terraces out from the house in the same way, if you can picture it. His walls are bands of windows and doors, the most gorgeous stained-glass designs of abstract prairie flowers. All that glass gives you the sense that you're living free in nature, rather than cut off from it... He likes to hide the doorway so you have to find it. He leads you in, then surprises you. He calls it 'the path of discovery.' "
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