Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween was a lot of fun this year, with parties, trick-or-treating, and two trips to the pumpkin patch. Izzy was an adorable little ladybug, and Rigel was Percy the train. I had fun making worms-in-dirt-cupcakes and mummy dogs for Cynthia and Craig's party--may as well contribute to the unhealthy menu of candy, candy, candy on this holiday! Trick-or-treating was a neighborhood playgroup event, as we all met at Adrianna and Cory's house for chili and squash bisque, then traipsed our way down the block to visit Norbert the dragon, an annual event in this neck of the woods. Our front porch (this year)

Above: Halloween costumes last year... Rigel and Dan were pirates, and Izzy was a butterfly bug.

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