Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Things They Say...

Rigel, our 3 year-old, has proven to be pretty articulate in the last couple months. Lest I forget, (and biased mom that I am), I've begun to write down what I find most clever and amusing.

  • "Don't step on Izzy. She's just a little itty bitty thing. If you step on her, she'll be all broken forever and ever and ever." (Addressing a tickling match that broke out between kids and parents)

  • "Don't eat my ice cream, Izzy. Just yours. Mine's a different kind. If you eat it, you'll get sick." (Attempt to steer sis away from his dessert, over which she was hovering)

  • "No. I can't run and race. The whole sidewalk would be all broken." (On being too big to race)

  • "Cows make milk, and ducks make chocolate. They pour it into a little thing, fill it up with water... mash it up... smash it all up... then they store it up. Then it's all done! It's chocolate!"

  • "If you make music, the trees will dance. The trees are dancing! It's snowing!" (Responding to Mom's observation on how the trees overhead were 'snowing' leaves)

  • "When I get big, like you, and I get mad, I'm gonna say, 'DANG IT!!!!' Just like a grown-up, Mama." (Responding to Mom's explanation of how the D-word was not a good word to say)

  • "An owl flew in the window and stole 'em. He took 'em and built a nest with 'em." (Regarding his pants, as a response to Mom's inquiry as to why he was not wearing any)

  • "Throw that boy in the trash can right now, Mama." (Regarding a play ground kid that pushed him down)

....To Be Continued...

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