Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog it... Don't Buy it!

The small amount of free time that I have should not be spent "window" shopping online (so my conscience tells me). And yet, I cannot seem to pry my fingers off the mouse as I click and scroll through the handmade jewelry on Etsy. Perhaps if I blog these items I'll get them out of my system, and since blogging is cheaper than buying, my conscience will be happy.
P.S. Click on image for link to name of seller / artist...

All these book lockets are fascinating... some are even antiques from the early 1900s... If I ever fulfill my goal of learning how to make my own silver jewelry, then these would be on my "to do" list. Wouldn't it be great if book locket pendants with 8 picture fold-outs could be customized with images of your family?

Tree pendants (pretty to look at, too flashy to wear?) by Starsb117

Sustainable, eco-friendly cork necklace packaged in test tube, by Uncorked
Hippy-style ring by Valentino Ink Jewelry

Beach comber pendant and vintage style locket by Out of the Blue

Bird's nest necklace by Sudlow

sea urchin ring by Star of the East

Love the simple intricacies of these cicada wings by Sudlow

cranberry earings are simple and cute, also by Sudlow
Love those owls... Ring is by Dillon Designs

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