Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grandma's Gardens

We love going to Grandma's house, and are so grateful Gerri lives nearby. She resides in the same house in which my mom, aunt and uncle grew up. There is a park and a school within walking distance, and a few of the neighbors knew my mom when she was a kid. Until 6 years ago (this month) when he passed away, she shared this house with my grandfather, Charlie. My grandparents were married for 58 years. One of Grandma's passions is gardening (along with geneology, hot tea, mystery novels, friends, family, church, and her dog, Caitlin--among other things). Rigel and Izzy love their great grandma very much, and don't like it when our visits come to an end.

The playhouse (Grandad's old office), and the Fairy Garden

The Fountain (In memory of Rigel & Izzy's great-great grandparents, Oradelle and "Smokey").

Izzy and Rigel enjoyed helping Grandma deadhead her flower beds... "put 'em in the bucket.")
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