Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lizard Among Us

On our walk to the park near grandma's house today, we found a baby lizard--the tiniest lizard ever! Minus its tail, his body was about the length of my thumbnail. As tempting as it was to bring him home, we decided to return him to his dwelling behind the baseball field. (Besides, we have attempted raising lizards before... from an alligator lizard that got loose in my car and lived off crumbs for over 2 months before molting and then escaping, to a lizard we kept in a cage and which refused to eat any of the live insects we presented. We learned it was best to observe them, not house them).

Rigel holds the baby lizard (with a little help)

Look how small it is compared to Izzy's little hand!

Grandma gets Caitlin a drink once we reach the park.
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