Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Having a Blah Day

Since today I am feeling pretty yucky (some sort of cold or flu), we stayed home and had a nothing day. The highlight of our day (besides nap time) was making chocolate chip cookies, because I think the healing properties of cookies are second only to chicken noodle soup. The kids like to take the liberty of unwrapping the paper from the butter, and if I turn my back for less than a minute there are bite marks and greasy sculptures to contend with. This time they were also given the job of whacking the bag of whole pecans with their toy hammers, and since I didn't learn the first time with the butter, I was later ushered under the dining room table where a cup of pecans was presented to me as a "surprise," (not to mention all the pecan crumbs that were strewn across the hardwood floor). When the kids caught me taste testing the raw dough (I know, yuck!), Rigel declared, "you're gonna get sick! No more eating raw eggs!" And he disappeared for a moment, only to return with a bottle of children's ibuprofen (which he climbed up onto the bathroom sink and retrieved from the medicine cabinet's top shelf), and told me to "take some of this pink stuff." When Izzy spotted the bottle, she exclaimed, "Izzy really sick, too!" They both think medicine tastes like candy. (Don't worry, I am moving all the medicine to a different, more child-proof location).

Even though it has been a nothing day, it has been enjoyable. The kids found a lot of entertainment with silly nothing things, like singing along with a toy radio in silly voices, making trains out of empty Costco boxes, racing our rolling pin across the floor, and making a train track out of popsicle sticks. It's such a comforting feeling to see them entertaining themselves and interacting with each other, despite the occasional squabble.

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