Monday, December 1, 2008

Squeaky Green

(I may be the last mom to have discovered this kid's line from Method, yet I still felt it worthy of a blog posting.)

Until now, I've never really been satisfied with the wide assortment of bath and body products available for kids. Either there were too many chemicals (i.e., methyl / ethyl / propyl parabens, sodium laureth sulfates/-ites, etc.) or too many organic extracts (i.e., lavender or tea tree extract/oil which are up for debate as possible endocrine disruptors)... This 3-in-one body wash, shampoo & conditioner for kids is great--smells and feels soft. The best part: ... 99% natural ingredients and affordable...part of Method Baby & Kids Squeaky Green hair & body line. I've also been pleased with the baby lotion and the bubble bath...Now, why am I using my precious late-night down time to blog about this? Because as a mom, this is the kind of stuff that raises an eyebrow (or two).

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