Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Performance

Izzy is our little performer. To entertain herself, she sings and dances. Some of the songs she sings are familiar, and some are in her own language. The first time she was on stage was at the Del Mar Fair in June of this year, and she blew us away. I recently found a great video of that day from my grandmother's camera (the quality was much better than my original recording) and I played with it a little (see below).

This month is pretty crazy--her dance studio has all the students performing every weekend this month for the holidays! Today she danced her number ("Up on the Housetop") at a local retirement home. The parents were ushered to the back, so we really didn't get a good view of the kids and the audience's response. Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile experience.

Stay tuned for upcoming performances!

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