Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet Peas

I am loving our sweet peas, especially our 'High Scent' variety, which smells divine. I thought gardenia was my favorite floral fragrance, but these intoxicating blooms have won me over. I'm definitely smitten with these creamy, lavender-tinged blossoms--wish I could bottle up their scent and wear it. Sweet Pea 'High Scent' (Lathyrus odoratus) seed packets are available here.
Another favorite sweet pea is the pink-and-purple-clad one (above right)--not the blossoms, but my baby girl! She's peeking through our flower tee pee while I'm admiring our 'Perfume Delight' variety sweet peas... lovely fragrance and colors, but 'High Scent' still takes the cake.

Speaking of sweet peas, I'm also loving my hand-made pea pod necklace... one pea for each of my kiddos. Choose pendants with one to seven peas in a variety of colors from Rachel Sudlow.

jewelry photo credit: Etsy

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