Friday, September 18, 2009

Enter the World of Podcasts

Just call me Jenny-Come-Lately...

Having only now discovered podcasts and how they enhance my iPod experience to the nth-degree, I'd like to share some tips with the rest of my behind-the-times kinfolk.

Rather than taking the responsibility of explaining what a podcast actually is, I am going to suggest all unenlightened readers to click here (wikipedia's definition).

If you own an iPod and have internet access via the iTunes Store, you've got all you need to get started...prepare to enter a whole new world once you select "podcasts" from the iTunes Store menu.
Suggestion: browse through the endless categories and select a feature from NPR. Opt to "view all podcasts" (on your right), and you will be introduced to NPR On Demand. There are 11+ categories to choose from in the left hand column, the "Arts" being one of my favorites. Within this category, you will find podcasts on topics such as books, food, & pop-culture. You have the option of either subscribing to podcasts (which will automatically download the most recent episode and all future episodes), or downloading selected episodes of your choice.
Once the podcasts have been fully downloaded, you can find them in your iTunes library (... if you wish to listen to the podcasts directly from your iPod, you may have to click and drag selected episodes from your library to your device).

click here to access podcasts from NPR's official website.

Some of my favorite podcasts so far: Bon Appetit's Podcasts, Epicurious: Food and Drink, Gardenfork Radio, B&N (Barnes & Noble) Meet the Writers, NPR Music Podcasts, NPR Live Concerts from All Songs Considered Podcast, Washington Post Book World Podcasts, CNN Complete Update... the list is soon-to-be endless.

Finding the time to listen to these podcasts is another matter all together.

(P.S. So far, all podcasts I have selected have been free to download &/or subscribe to... haven't figured out yet if all podcasts in general are free.)

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