Friday, August 14, 2009

Gardenias are blooming...

I remember going to my Japanese grandmother's house when I was little... rarely was she without gardenias in her home. She would cut the blossoms from her front yard, and float them in shallow black bowls of water. The following review is not exactly reminiscent of a trip to Grandma's house, but it left my nose detecting subtle hints of the delicious flower while reading this fan's take on a fragrance called Fracas:

"'Fracas' opens on a tart, fleshy gardenia note that has retained its buttery carnality, while having all sweetness removed. It's floral without the powder and deepens into something spicier as the fragrance unfurls. A slightly sweet, oily-rich jasmine enters, followed by a very naughty-smelling, rubbery tuberose. The tuberose is intense and hasn't been softened or powdered down by any gentle florals, so at times, 'Fracas' smells like exotic flower petals mashed onto hot flesh. It finally dries down into a velvety-smooth, subtle spiced and simmered fruit note, tempered by quiet woods. 'Fracas' has an over-ripe, very retro feel to it---but retro to a specific time and place: Late 40's - early 60's fashion. I can't imagine it existing before or being introduced after that time period. It reminds me of the kind of glamour that requires seeing a hairdresser once a week with no washings in-between or stockings, girdles and lipstick; chiffon house robes and negligee sets. It evokes worn-in makeup and undergarments--a very ripe, retro femininity--coiffed hair, cigarettes and scotch..."

Wow. Intense description... fragrances are fun to fantasize about.

Some more fragrances on my list to experience: Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Carnal Flower, Kai, Creed Tubereuse Indiana, and Voluspa Fleurs de Fete... all are gardenia scented fragrances

The List: celebrities and their fragrances... (I don't really care who's wearing what, but some people find it interesting)

Click here if you are cheap (like me) and would rather learn how to make your own gardenia fragrance from the garden

photo credit: Sephora


Maggie May said...

i love gardenias..the word is romantic

Mel said...

I LOVE Fracas, I rarely wear it, though and should. Often I opt for "Michael" by Michael Kors. Fracas is just timeless. Also, Neroli is another favorite.